Our Story

By busty women, for busty women.

‘Tis a truth universally acknowledged… bikini shopping sucks.

Because let’s face it, most swimwear is designed to the proportions of a standard-fit model. It’s made for mandarins, not melons. Chestnuts, not coconuts. Small fry, not meat and potatoes.

And that’s weird, even if you take the food analogies out, because women who wear D cup or above actually number around 60% of the population.

That’s right. The majority of women have boobs that are way bigger than the average bikini is built for. And they – we – care about looking good just as much as our smaller-cupped sisters.

So it’s no wonder swimsuit shopping makes us feel kind of… squashed.

That’s where RAQ comes in (and below and all around.) We make bikinis that suit the silent majority of boobs. Big boobs. Hormonal boobs. Augmented boobs. Pregnant boobs. Any boob that’s D cup or larger, we’re all over it. Literally.

We’re here to create a world where busty women feel comfortable, confident and all-round incredible. We take swimwear design back to basics, with thoughtful tech and craftsmanship from the cup up. We actually listen to our customers, putting the feedback back into the design process, pairing underwire with understanding.

And we design the whole process to be as painless as possible, with online fitting plus a super flexible returns policy that ensures you’ll have no regrets. Whatever you and your girls get up to.

The result is a product that’s surprisingly rare: swimwear that actually supports. Halternecks that actually halt. And an even rarer thing: a bikini shopping experience that doesn't totally suck.

By busty women, for busty women, RAQ isn’t really swimwear for the rest of us.

It’s swimwear, at long last, that’s made for the most of us.

Lady lumps and all.